Veli-Matti Ollilainen

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Cereulide producing Bacillus cereus was isolated from randomly chosen commercial infant foods. The cereulide production in infant food formulas was investigated. When the reconstituted foods were inoculated with >10(5) cfu ml(-1) of cereulide producing B. cereus, 2 to 200 microg of cereulide per 100 ml of food accumulated during 24 h of non-refrigerated(More)
Here, we report the identification and quantification of the molecular species of long-, medium-, and short-chain triacylglycerols (TAG) in butterfat (BF), including TAG with an odd number of acyl carbons (ACN) and TAG with unidentified molecular species. In the present study, in addition to auto-MS2, a large number of methods, each recording MS2 for 1–4(More)
This study uses normal-phase HPLC with on-line positive ion electrospray mass spectrometry (ESI-MS) to obtain quantitative compositional data on both synthetic and butterfat short-chain TAG. The product ion tandem MS of standards averaged 11.1 times lower in abundance of the ion formed by cleavage of FA from the sn-2-position for the pairs of regioisomers(More)
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