Velhas Portugal

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OBJECTIVE To find out the incidence of wound infection in patients with HIV and reduced counts of CD4 lymphocytes. DESIGN Open study. SETTING University hospital, Spain. SUBJECTS 70 patients with HIV infection and enlarged lymph nodes. INTERVENTIONS Biopsy of lymph nodes and withdrawal of a sample of blood for counts of CD4 lymphocytes and(More)
The intestinal reperfusion injury has been studied in Sprague-Dawley rats weighing 200 g. Intestinal ischemia has been induced by clamping the Superior Mesenteric Artery (SMA) for 120 minutes. In order to parallel clinical situations, free radical scavengers (allopurinol [ALLO]) and superoxide-dismutase [SOD] were inoculated at a low perfusion rate through(More)
Liver regeneration plays a key role in restoring the liver/body ratio after partial liver transplantation. However, hepatic ischemia hinders the proliferative response of the hepatocytes. In this study, different ways of improving the regenerating capacity of ischemic hepatocytes are tested. Following 70% hepatectomy and 15 min of normothermic liver(More)
OBJECTIVE All-trans-retinoic acid (ATRA) promotes cell differentiation. We have studied its effect on the local recurrence and metastatic spreading of an experimental rhabdomyosarcoma in rats. DESIGN syngenic rhabdomyosarcoma cells (S4MH) were inoculated s.c. in male WAG/RijCrl rats. After 25 days tumors were excised and a 40% hepatectomy was performed(More)
A 57-year-old woman –in pharmacological treatment of depression and arterial hypertension– was found dead in her house. Four days before she had consulted for non-specific abdominal pain in an emergency room, starting treatment with anti-inflammatories. Autopsy findings: Aside to obesity (CMI 34,9 kg/m2), the only significant finding was that the(More)
In the early stages of metastasis, development of the disease is dependent on growth factors produced by the host. There are clinical situations associated with an increase in these factors, such as partial resection of metastasized liver. Given the important role of hepatotrophic factors in liver regeneration, we have studied the effect of partial(More)
OBJECTIVE An experimental model to monitor hemodynamics during intestinal reperfusion syndrome is presented. EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN A) Three groups of rats were monitored during four hours: 1) CONTROL: sham operated, 2) Ischemic: clamping the superior mesenteric artery for 60' and 3) Saline: adding 2 ml of saline during the last 15' minutes of ischemia.(More)
The Southwest Iberian Middle Bronze Age culture, although widespread in southern Portugal and nearby areas of southwest Spain in the Middle Bronze Age, is characterised by the scarcity of preserved human remains. Recent reanalysis of the human remains unearthed from the grave cists of the necropolis of Casas Velhas (Melides, Portugal), with a minimal number(More)
Regenerative activity of syngenic hepatocytes inoculated into the spleen has been assessed. Partial hepatectomy and cyclosporine were used as regenerative stimuli. Nuclear DNA has been quantified by means of a cytophotometric method, and the intensity of the response has been defined as the Mean Percentage of Regenerating Hepatocytes (MPRH). Both(More)
PURPOSE OF THE STUDY To determine whether Langerhans' islets exert a beneficial effect on splenic hepatocellular transplantation. HYPOTHESIS the addition of pancreatic islets to hepatocytes would improve their normal function through the support of insulin and glucagon in the same proportions as they usually receive in the hepatic environment. (More)