Velappan Selladurai

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This paper proposes an Art Modified Single Linkage Clustering approach (ART-MOD-SLC) to solve cell formation problems in Cellular Manufacturing. In this study, an ART1 network is integrated with Modified Single Linkage Clustering (MOD-SLC) to solve cell formation problems. The Percentage of Exceptional Elements (PE), Machine Utilization (MU), Grouping(More)
In this paper, Cat Swarm Optimization (CSO) Algorithm is proposed for single stage supply chain distribution system with a fixed cost. This paper considers two kinds of cost: a continuous cost, that linearly increases with the amount transported between a supplier and a customer and a fixed cost, which is incurred whenever a non-zero quantity is transported(More)
In recent years Cellular Manufacturing has become an effective tool for improving productivity. Attainment of full benefits of Cellular Manufacturing depends firstly on the design of the machine cells and part families, secondly on the method of operations which takes full advantage of cell properties. Inappropriate methods of loading and scheduling can(More)
Cellular manufacturing emerged as a production strategy capable of solving the problems of complexity and long manufacturing lead times in batch production. The fundamental problem in cellular manufacturing is the formation of product families and machine cells. This paper presents a new approach for obtaining simultaneous arrangement of part families and(More)
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