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—Background: Software product line engineering provides an effective mechanism to implement variable software. However, the usage of preprocessors, which is typical in industry, is heavily criticized, because it often leads to obfuscated code. Using background colors to support comprehensibility has shown effective, however, scalability to large software(More)
Long term business success is highly dependent on how fast the business reacts on the changes in the market situation. Those who want to be successful need relevant, in-time and accurate information. Balanced Scorecard Simulator is a management tool that can be used efficiently in the processes of planning, decision and controlling. Based on the Balanced(More)
Technological developments and changes in business process context pose new challenges for effective management of business processes. Business process mod-eling is one of the most important area in business process management. Business process modeling is used to graphically visualize the operations of a business process for a better understanding and(More)
In the recent past, the amount of high-dimensional data, such as feature vectors extracted from multimedia data, increased dramatically. A large variety of indexes have been proposed to store and access such data efficiently. However, due to specific requirements of a certain use case, choosing an adequate index structure is a complex and time-consuming(More)
Today, often small, heterogeneous systems have to cooperate in order to fulfill a certain task. Interoperability between these systems is needed for their collaboration. However, achieving this interoperability raises several problems. For example, embedded systems might induce a higher probability for a system failure due to constrained power supply.(More)
Business process modeling is used for better understanding and communication. Mostly, business process modeling is discussed from information system development perspective. After execution of business processes, various objects become important and have to be represented in business process models. The process models conceived for information system(More)
Business process management and improvement are vital for enterprises in competitive environments. Understanding of a process is a prerequisite and important step for improvement. Interaction between humans, computers, and business objects provide excellent opportunities for knowledge extraction. However, the specification of a framework is required for(More)