Veikko Hara

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In this paper the conservative Chandy-Misra parallel simulation algorithm is discussed. The basic algorithm is improved by using null message cancellation, simulation loop optimization and multicasting techniques. The algorithms are used for the simulation of a GSM mobile network application in a distributed workstation environment, Diworse. In the(More)
In this paper, a distributed workstation environment, Diworse, for parallel simulation is presented. Distribution of the simulation model in Diworse is based on the modification of the conservative Chandy-Misra algorithm with null message delivery and constant lookahead. Simulation experiments have been carried out in the Ethernet network with TCP/IP(More)
In the developed world health care sector has used for tens of years information systems in their daily activities. Soon after the Internet usage began to spread to the societies mid 1990'ies the sector began to ponder how to offer services over the web to patients. The USA and the EU began to discuss eHealth scenarios, and many services are now offered,(More)
In this paper the logical process structure of the Chandy-Misra parallel simulation algorithm has been studied. The excessive synchronization caused by the algorithm is avoided by minimizing the number of connections between logical processes. The amount of connections are reduced by restricting the direct communication of the logical processes to their(More)
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