Vegard Sandvold

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This paper deals with automatic percussion classification in polyphonic audio recordings, focusing on kick, snare and cymbal sounds. We present a feature-based sound modeling approach that combines general, prior knowledge about the sound characteristics of percussion instrument families (general models) with on-the-fly acquired knowledge of(More)
Automatic extraction of semantic music content descriptors has traditionally focused on melodic, rhythmic and harmonic aspects. In the present paper, we will present several music content descriptors that are related to percussion instrumentation. The “percussion index” estimates the amount of percussion that can be found in a music audio file and yields a(More)
Content-based audio processing researchers need audio and its related metadata to develop and test algorithms. We present a common repository of audio, metadata, ontologies and algorithms. We detail the hardware implementation, in the form of massive storage and computation cluster, the software and databases design and the ontology management of the(More)
We present here Good Vibrations, a tool for music tagging, exploration and discovery, shaped as a media player plugin, and intended for home users. The plugin allows the quick ”invention” of concepts and properties that can be tagged to songs. After some hours of active tagging, the plugin starts automatically proposing the proper tags to the user, who is(More)
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