Veerle Gevaert

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In different river catchments in Europe, pesticide concentrations in surface waters frequently exceed the standards, possibly resulting in negative impacts on aquatic fauna and flora. Pesticides can enter river systems both immediately after application, i.e. as a direct loss, or with some time delay due to runoff or leaching. We define a direct loss as the(More)
The European Water Framework Directive (WFD) aims at achieving a good ecological and chemical status of surface waters in river basins by 2015. The chemical status is considered good if the Environmental Quality Standards (EQSs) are met for all substances listed on the priority list and eight additional specific emerging substances. To check compliance with(More)
Integrated urban water system (IUWS) modeling aims at assessing the quality of the surface water receiving the urban emissions through sewage treatment plants, combined sewer overflows (CSOs) and stormwater drainage systems. However, some micropollutants tend to appear in more than one environmental medium (air, water, sediment, soil, groundwater, etc.). In(More)
The Water Framework Directive (WFD) has the objective of a catchment-oriented water quality protection for all European waters with the purpose of achieving a good ecological and chemical quality status by the year 2015. To that end, necessary measures should be identified and implemented, with the aim of progressively reducing pollution from priority(More)
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