Veerle Boterberg

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In the present work, two strategies were elaborated to surface-functionalize implantable polyimide sheets. In the first methodology, cross-linkable vinyl groups were introduced on the polyimide surface using aminopropylmethacrylamide. In the second approach, a reactive succinimidyl ester was introduced on the surface of PI. Using the former approach, the(More)
In the present work, the immobilization of gelatin as biopolymer on two types of implantable biomaterials, polyimide and titanium, was compared. Both materials are known for their biocompatibility while lacking cell-interactive behavior. For both materials, a pre-functionalization step was required to enable gelatin immobilization. For the polyimide foils,(More)
BACKGROUND Despite striking similarities among colorimetric lipase assay recipes, marked intervendor differences are noted in the reported lipase values. In the present study, the effect of physical properties of the cuvette surface on measurement of serum lipase was investigated. METHODS Lipase activity was measured concomitantly in cuvettes from three(More)
To progress the fields of tissue engineering (TE) and regenerative medicine, development of quantitative methods for non-invasive three dimensional characterization of engineered constructs (i.e. cells/tissue combined with scaffolds) becomes essential. In this study, we have defined the most optimal staining conditions for contrast-enhanced nanofocus(More)
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