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BACKGROUND & OBJECTIVES Transfusion related human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), hepatitis B virus (HBV) and hepatitis C virus (HCV) infections have been a major cause for morbidity and mortality in the haemophilic population in the west. The prevalence of these markers of transfusion transmitted viral diseases in severe and moderate haemophilia patients was(More)
BACKGROUND & OBJECTIVE The antigen H present on the surface of red cells in varying concentration, is maximum in O group red cells, but absent in Bombay phenotype individuals. This differentiation is generally detected by seed extracts of Ulex europaeus. The titre of such an extract is usually low and is subjected to batch variation. Hence, we carried out(More)
This paper proposes new processor architecture for accelerating data-parallel applications based on the combination of VLIW and vector processing paradigms. It uses VLIW architecture for processing multiple independent scalar instructions concurrently on parallel execution units. Data parallelism is expressed by vector ISA and processed on the same parallel(More)
While studying the serologic characteristics of certain monoclonal blood group antibodies, we observed a hybridoma clone (5A-11E10) with anti-N-like serologic specificity that was dependent on the presence of the bicarbonate anion. The diluted cell culture supernatant preferentially agglutinated M-N+ RBCs by immediate spin. This supernatant also(More)
BACKGROUND Spinal cord injury resulting from spinal anesthesia is a rare, but an alarming scenario. The most likely cause is believed to be misjudged level of intervertebral space (IVS). We evaluated the accuracy of palpation method to locate IVS with the ultrasonography. MATERIALS AND METHODS A total of 109 patients undergoing spinal anesthesia were(More)
Flip-flops is critical timing elements in digital circuits which have a large impact on the circuit speed and power consumption. The performance of flip-flop is an important element to determine the efficiency of the whole synchronous circuit. In an attempt to reduce power consumption in flip-flops a low-power flip-flop (FF) design featuring an explicit(More)
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