Veeraraghavan Seshadri

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Studies on inheritance of resistance to CGMMV showed that resistance was governed by polygenes with recessive nature. Out of 15 crosses studied, 10 were found to be interacting. All the interacting crosses (except one Phoot x Harela) showed duplicate type of epistasis. Kachri x Phoot (R × R type) cross exhibited heterosis in F1 and transgressive segregation(More)
The phenomenon of flutter and tumble of objects in free fall has been studied using twodimensional numerical simulations of uniform flow past a plate which is free to rotate about a fixed axis through its centroid. Particular focus is on the effect of Reynolds number and plate thickness-to-length ratio on the flutter-to-tumble transition and on the observed(More)
An electric field is set-up in the human body by externally applied potential differences in biomedical research, medical diagnosis and therapy. It is important to know the electric-field distribution and current densities in different parts of the body from both the research and clinical points of view. In the present paper, the electric-field pattern is(More)
Numerical simulations have been used to study the phenomenon of autorotation of a flat plate hinged about its center in a freestream. The focus of the paper is on examining the effect of Reynolds number and plate thickness ratio on vortex induced rotation. The numerical solver employed is based on a sharp interface, Cartesian grid method that allows us to(More)
Since the publications by TILAK (1958, 1959) and ANANTHANARAYANAN (1964a, 1964b, 1964c and 1964d) on Indian Phyllachoraceae the writer made several collections of these tar spot fungi in Maharashtra and Mysore States, mostly at high altitudes (2000-4000 ft.). This paper 9th in the series, presents three new species of Phyllachora on Ficus sp. and a new host(More)
A species of the form genus Ciliochorella (Leptostromataceae) was recently collected by the writer on Pterospeemum sp. which on critical examination and comparative studies, was found to agree in all respects with the type species Ciliochorella mangi/erae SYDOW, except for the number of ceils making up the conidia, which, in this collection were determined(More)
A semi-empirical model applicable to the flow of blood and other particulate suspensions through narrow tubes has been developed. It envisages a central core of blood surrounded by a wall layer of reduced hematocrit. With the help of this model the wall layer thickness and extent of plug flow may be calculated using pressure drop, flow rate and hematocrit(More)
Interventional nutritional support is a complex therapeutic entity. Metabolic complications associated with this therapy are numerous. It is imperative to monitor electrolytes very closely during parenteral and enteral nutritional support and to correct deficiencies or to compensate for increases in serum concentrations when appropriate. It is also critical(More)
Among the mycological collections made by the writer around Poona, India, there were three interesting and rare fungi which, on critical examination, were identified as species of the form genera Coryneum NEES, Phlyctaena MONT. & DESM. and Sirodesmium DE NOT., parasitizing respectively the living leaves of Glochidion hohenackeri BEDI)., Canthium dicoccun¢(More)