Veeram Venkata Siva Prasad

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OBJECTIVE To report three patients with isolated Rosai Dorfman disease of the central nervous system. CASE REPORTS We report two patients with dural-based lesions diagnosed imageologically as meningiomas, and one patient with multiple intraparenchymal lesions diagnosed imageologically as lymphoma. Two patients were males and one was female. All were above(More)
Two cases of cervico-dorsal neurenteric cysts are presented, one located dorsal and the other ventral to the spinal cord, with associated Klippel-Feil anomaly, meningocele, spinal dysraphism and possibly spinal cord malformation. One patient was operated on as a neonate for a cervico-thoracic meningocele and presented during adolescence with spastic(More)
A 22 years male patient presented with recurrent seizures, CT and MRI diagnosis of tuberculoma was made and the patient was treated. When seizures persisted, a craniotomy was done and the excised mass revealed an abscess with a segment of broad solid non-cavitory body, wall with no scolex and loose stroma and smooth muscle fibers. A diagnosis of sparganosis(More)
Interictal EEG spike field potentials by visual and quantitative EEG analysis were studied in 17 patients with intractable localization related epilepsy. Quantitative EEG analysis was done using commercially available window based computer program (Focus) that displayed digitally acquired EEG data and performed spline mapping. Routine EEG localized 20(More)
In recent years neurological and neurosurgical intensive care (NNICU) has evolved into a well-recognized subspeciality world over. However it is still a novel concept in the developing world. The admission criteria are variable and flexible. The pattern of disease in the NNICU varies according to the admission policy. In the west, cerebrovascular diseases(More)
Non-neoplastic, non-inflammatory cysts of the central nervous system may cause symptoms because of pressure, rupture or secondary inflammation. A total of 145 cases of cysts were reviewed during a study period of 12 years. The clinical details and histological features were noted in all cases. During this period 53 epidermoid cysts, 16 dermoid cysts, 38(More)
Focal myositis is a rare idiopathic form of inflammatory myositis involving a single muscle. The presentation is often as a soft tissue pseudotumour. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a useful noninvasive imaging modality to demonstrate focal nature of the lesion. We describe three patients presenting as pseudotumour of the lower leg. MRI showed(More)