Veera Krasnenko

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We demonstrate optical coherent control of the two-photon fluorescence of the blue fluorescent protein (BFP), which is of interest in investigations of protein-protein interactions. In addition to biological relevance, BFP represents an interesting target for coherent control from a chemical perspective due to its many components of highly nonexponential(More)
The physicochemical characteristics of the green fluorescent protein (GFP), including the thermodynamic properties (entropy, enthalpy, Gibbs' free energy, heat capacity), normal mode vibrations, and atomic fluctuations, were investigated. The Gaussian 03 computational chemistry program was employed for normal mode analysis using the AMBER force field. The(More)
Chemically bound states of benzene molecules with graphene are studied both analytically and numerically. The states are formed by switching off intrabonds of π-electrons in C6 rings to interbonds. A number of different undistorted and distorted structures are established both with aligned and with transversal mutual orientation of benzene and graphene. The(More)
Blue fluorescent protein (BFP) is a mutant of green fluorescent protein (GFP), where the chromophore has been modified to shift the emitted fluorescence into the blue spectral region. In this study, MD calculations were performed with the GROMACS simulation package and AMBER force field to investigate the dependence of BFPs physicochemical properties on(More)
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