Veera Koskinen

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Striatal dopamine receptors were studied in 44 patients with Parkinson disease by the radioligand-binding technique using3H-spiroperidol. The specific binding of3H-spiroperidol was either significantly increased or reduced in the caudate nucleus and putamen of parkinsonian patients without levodopa therapy. Scatchard analysis showed that there were(More)
Brain enkephalin receptors were studied in post-mortem brain samples of 27 patients with Parkinson's disease and of 26 control subjects without extrapyramidal disorders by the radioligand-binding technique using 3H-leu-enkephalin, 3H-met-enkephalin and 3H-naloxone. The specific binding of both 3H-leu- and 3H-met-enkephalins was significantly increased in(More)
Concentrating on personal health and well-being has become a central objective for people living in wealthy societies. In an age of consumerism, the current health enthusiasm can be observed particularly in the fast-growing wellness industry, the popularity of which has increased, in particular, among mature consumers, a trend also evident in people's(More)
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