Veenu Mangat

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Clustering, an extremely important technique in Data Mining is an automatic learning technique aimed at grouping a set of objects into subsets or clusters. The goal is to create clusters that are coherent internally, but substantially different from each other. Text Document Clustering refers to the clustering of related text documents into groups based(More)
In this paper, we present a swarm intelligence based technique for mining rules over a medical database. Rules are a suitable method for representing real world medical knowledge because of their simplicity, uniformity, transparency, and ease of inference. Swarm Intelligence (SI) has been applied to the rule mining process as its dynamic nature provides(More)
Data mining is being actively applied to stock market since 1980s. The various aspects of stock market to which data mining has been applied include predicting stock indices, predicting stock prices, portfolio management, portfolio risk management, trend detection, designing recommender systems etc. The various algorithms and methods which have been used(More)
Modern medicine generates a huge quantity of information daily which is stored in the medical databases. Extracting useful knowledge and providing scientific decision-making for the diagnosis and treatment of disease from the database has become a necessity. The preferred data mining functionality is association rule mining as rules are simple to understand(More)
The rapid development of the internet and web publishing techniques create numerous information sources published as HTML pages on World Wide Web. However, there is lot of redundant and irrelevant information also on web pages. Navigation panels, Table of content (TOC), advertisements, copyright statements, service catalogs, privacy policies etc. on web(More)
Web Mining is a challenging task that searches for Web access patterns, Web structures and the regularity and dynamics of the Web contents. It provides efficient Web Personalization, System Improvement, Site Modification, Business Intelligence and Usage Characterization. High-dimensional Web Log File clustering is a challenging task and requires an(More)
Sentiment Analysis(SA) is a combination of emotions, opinions and subjectivity of text. Today, social networking sites like Twitter are tremendously used in expressing the opinions about a particular entity in the form of tweets which are limited to 140 characters. Reviews and opinions play a very important role in understanding peoples satisfaction(More)