Veenita Singh

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Our aim was to compare the use of a conventional rotary handpiece and a Piezosurgical unit for extraction of lower third molars. We studied 40 patients, who were allocated alternately to have the third molar removed with either the handpiece or the Piezosurgical unit. Pain, trismus, and oedema were evaluated at baseline and then postoperatively, together(More)
Introduction: Congenital cystic swellings can be classified into dermoid cysts, congenital ductal cysts, and branchial cleft anomalies like cystic hygroma. These cysts are composed of elements from all three germinal layers. Acquired cysts most common encountered are mucous retention cysts usually involving the minor salivary glands. Objectives: A(More)
Areca nut chewing is a great hazard and related to oral mucosa lesion in large population worldwide. In India pan masala, gutkha and mawa chewing is quite prevalent. In some sections of society, quid chewing is even part of the social culture. Areca nut which is most commonly associated with development of OSMF contains various alkaloids which interfere(More)
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