Veena Upadhyay

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[reaction: see text] An asymmetric synthesis of (S)-gamma-fluoroleucine ethyl ester 1 is described. The key transformation involves a lipase-catalyzed dynamic ring-opening of 2-(3-butenyl)azlactone 7b with EtOH to give amide ester (S)-6b in 84% enantiomeric excess. Removal of the N-pentenoyl group with N,N'-dibromodimethylhydantoin in the presence of(More)
In this paper low power consumption amplifier is presented. Low power consumption amplifier is versatile demanded in modern technology, modern technology want such type of amplifier which gives low power consumption with less reflection, in this paper presented series and shunt feedback topology with pole zero compensation method for designing of low power(More)
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