Veena Ramakrishnan

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As contrasted to the management plane of today's and emerging networks architectures, the control plane will not be as easy to secure. The control plane is an emerging concept that is part of most large scale, high-speed next generation networks. This may also include the architectures that are being researched to go beyond Internet2. Today the control(More)
Generalized multiple protocol label switching (GMPLS) extends multi protocol label switching (MPLS) to provide the control plane for use with high speed/bandwidth switching networks. The control plane protocols are vulnerable to attacks both from outside and within the network. SigSectrade, an intrusion detection system under development, is intended to(More)
Vehicle detection techniques keeps on developing nowadays and existing techniques keeps on improving. This greatly aids in traffic monitoring, speed management and also in military and police. Aerial view has the advantage of providing a better perspective of the area being covered. So in this area experts make use of the aerial videos taken from aerial(More)
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