Veena M. Bhopale

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We hypothesized that oxidative stress from hyperbaric oxygen (HBO(2), 2.8 ATA for 90 min daily) exerts a trophic effect on vasculogenic stem cells. In a mouse model, circulating stem/progenitor cell (SPC) recruitment and differentiation in subcutaneous Matrigel were stimulated by HBO(2) and by a physiological oxidative stressor, lactate. In combination,(More)
The Strongyloides stercoralis infective larva resumes feeding and development on receipt of signals, presumably chemical, from a host. Only two of the anterior sense organs of this larva are open to the external environment. These large, paired goblet-shaped sensilla, known as amphids, are presumably, therefore, the only chemoreceptors. Using(More)
Bhopale, V. M., Kupprion, E. K., Ashton, F. T., Boston, R., and Schad, G. A. 2001. Ancylostoma caninum: The finger cell neurons mediate thermotactic behavior by infective larvae of the dog hookworm. Experimental Parasitology 97, 70-76. In the amphids (anteriorly positioned, paired sensilla) of the free-living nematode Caenorhabditis elegans, the so-called(More)
Parasitic nematodes of the genus Strongyloides are remarkable for their ability to switch between alternative free-living developmental pathways in response to changing internal environmental conditions. After exiting the host, soil-dwelling larval stages may develop either to infectivity via 2 microbiverous stages (homogonic development) or to free-living(More)
Host recognition, contact, and skin-penetration by Strongyloides stercoralis infective larvae are crucially important behavioral functions mediating transition from free-living to parasitic life. The sensilla of the worm's anterior tip presumably play an important role in these processes. Besides the main chemosensilla, the amphids, which are of central(More)
Venous gas emboli (VGE) have traditionally served as a marker for decompression stress after SCUBA diving and a reduction in bubble loads is a target for precondition procedures. However, VGE can be observed in large quantities with no negative clinical consequences. The effect of exercise before diving on VGE has been evaluated with mixed results.(More)
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