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Devanagari script is a two dimensional composition of symbols. It is highly cumbersome to treat each composite character as a separate atomic symbol because such combinations are very large in number. This paper presents a two pass algorithm for the segmentation and decomposition of Devanagari composite characters/symbols into their constituent symbols. The(More)
A patent always contains some images along with the text. Many text based systems have been developed to search the patent database. In this paper, we describe PATSEEK that is an image based search system for US patent database. The objective is to let the user check the similarity of his query image with the images that exist in US patents. The user can(More)
The visual photopigments of simple deuter-anomalous trichromats inferred from color matching, " Vis. Abstract—The reading process has been widely studied and there is a general agreement among researchers that knowledge in different forms and at different levels plays a vital role. This is the underlying philosophy of the Devanagari document recognition(More)
This paper describes a method for correction of optically read Devanagari character strings using a Hindi word dictionary. The word dictionary is partitioned in order to reduce the search space besides preventing forced match to an incorrect word. The dictionary partitioning strategy takes into account the underlying OCR process. The dictionary words at the(More)
Many papers have been written on the synthesis of gold nanoparticles but very few included pictures of the process, and none of them used video to show the whole process of synthesis. This paper records the process of synthesis of gold nanoparticles using video clips. Every process from cleaning of glassware, an important step in the synthesis of metallic(More)