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Development of orofacial component involves a complex series of events. Any insult to this significant event can lead to various orofacial cleft defects. The main categories among orofacial clefts are isolated cleft palate and cleft lip with or without cleft palate. There have been many factors implicated in the development of the anomaly. The environmental(More)
BACKGROUND Lidocaine is the gold standard anaesthetic solution that has been used since its inception into dentistry till date. Around 80% of failures have been reported when lignocaine has been used for inferior alveolar nerve block in children and adults with irreversible pulpitis. There is a need to use newer drugs which are available which have been(More)
Transient Loss Of Consciousness (TLOC) or vasovagal syncope is well known phenomenon in dental/maxillofacial surgery. Despite considerable study of vasovagal syncope, its pathophysiology remains to be fully elucidated. After having encountered a case of trigeminocardiac reflex after extraction of maxillary first molar we observed and studied 400 extractions(More)
UNLABELLED Pediatric patients with well-controlled OSA present few difficulties for routine dental treatment. However, patients with untreated or undiagnosed OSA can present the dental practitioner with multiple issues and challenges. Dental professionals have a unique doctor-patient relationship that affords them a role in recognizing sleep disorders by(More)
Aim: To compare the bacteriostatic efficacy of two commercially available mouthwashes viz. triclosan and fluoride based mouthwashes using a simple chair side caries activity test Oratest in children. Materials and methods: Sixty children of the age groups 6-12 years were selected for the study ( 30 children – caries free, 30 children DMFT score ≥ 3) and(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS A carious lesion is the accumulation of numerous episodes of de- and remineralization, rather than a unidirectional demineralization process. Tooth destruction can be arrested or reversed by the frequent delivery of fluoride or calcium/phosphorous ions to the tooth surface. The present study compared and evaluated the remineralization(More)
Introduction: Dentocardiac reflex, a variant of trigeminocardiac reflex elicited specifically during tooth extraction procedures in dental/maxillofacial surgery and is believed to cause syncope with an afferent link mediated by posterior superior alveolar nerve. Another variant of trigeminocardiac reflex which is also of interest to the oral and(More)
INTRODUCTION The Mandibular Foramen (MF) is a landmark for administering local anaesthetic solution for Inferior Alveolar Nerve Block (IANB). The position of MF shows considerable variation among different ethnicity, ages and on either sides even within the same individual. Failure to achieve IANB leading to repeated injection of the local anaesthetic(More)
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