Vedrin Jeliazkov

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OpenTox provides an interoperable, standards-based Framework for the support of predictive toxicology data management, algorithms, modelling, validation and reporting. It is relevant to satisfying the chemical safety assessment requirements of the REACH legislation as it supports access to experimental data, (Quantitative) Structure-Activity Relationship(More)
The AMBIT web services package is one of the several existing independent implementations of the OpenTox Application Programming Interface and is built according to the principles of the Representational State Transfer (REST) architecture. The Open Source Predictive Toxicology Framework, developed by the partners in the EC FP7 OpenTox project, aims at(More)
BACKGROUND The NanoSafety Cluster, a cluster of projects funded by the European Commision, identified the need for a computational infrastructure for toxicological data management of engineered nanomaterials (ENMs). Ontologies, open standards, and interoperable designs were envisioned to empower a harmonized approach to European research in nanotechnology.(More)
Chemogenomics data generally refers to the activity data of chemical compounds on an array of protein targets and represents an important source of information for building in silico target prediction models. The increasing volume of chemogenomics data offers exciting opportunities to build models based on Big Data. Preparing a high quality data set is a(More)
The aim of the SEURAT-1 (Safety Evaluation Ultimately Replacing Animal Testing-1) research cluster, comprised of seven EU FP7 Health projects co-financed by Cosmetics Europe, is to generate a proof-of-concept to show how the latest technologies, systems toxicology and toxicogenomics can be combined to deliver a test replacement for repeated dose systemic(More)
Research backbone networks are currently used by a variety of scientists and research projects interested in maximizing the benefit they receive in using the networks. Therefore, it is highly desirable for them to get access to network performance monitoring data which is prepared to serve their needs. The perfSONAR measurement framework, which is jointly(More)
Ensuring high-quality service from one end user to another, over multiple interconnected networks, is central to the aims and approach of GEANT2, the pan-European research and education network. In order to provide users with reliable and consistent performance monitoring data from multiple networks, GEANT2's performance measurement and monitoring joint(More)
Ensuring high-quality service for end-users, over multiple interconnected networks, is central to the aims and approach of SEEREN2, the next generation of the SouthEastern European segment of the pan-European Research and Education Network (GEANT2). Management teams can greatly benefit from the exploitation of reliable and consistent performance monitoring(More)
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