Vedrana Spudic

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The paper describes the hierarchical control concept for wind farm power/load optimization with emphasis on compensation of disturbances. The control concept was developed for the EU-FP7 project Distributed Control of Large-Scale Offshore Wind Farms – Aeolus. The Aeolus project approaches the wind farm control problem by considering wind turbines in a wind(More)
We consider a wind power plant of megawatt wind turbines operating in derated mode. When operating in this mode, the wind power plant controller is free to distribute power set-points to the individual turbines, as long as the total power demand is met. In this work, we design a controller that exploits this freedom to reduce the fatigue on the turbines in(More)
In this paper we describe an efficient implementation of a discrete-time model predictive controller for coordinated control of large-scale distributed systems. The approach is based on parametrization and splitting of the underlying optimization problem into local optimization problems coupled via one coordination problem. The local problems are solved(More)
Classical objective of wind turbine control is to maximize the power extracted from wind. However, with the increase in wind turbine size the structural loads become a limiting factor for safe wind turbine operation and wind turbine operating life. In this paper we investigate the design of a model predictive controller that reduces wind turbine loads at(More)
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