Vedrana Andersen

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This review presents a general theory of financial crashes and of stock market instabilities that his co-workers and the author have developed over the past seven years. We start by discussing the limitation of standard analyses for characterizing how crashes are special. The study of the frequency distribution of drawdowns, or runs of successive losses(More)
THE SIFT ALGORITHM We tested SIFT at a variety of scales, from 1:1 to 1:4. Shown here are the results of keypoint matching at a scale of 1:4, with over 500 key-points matched. Far right, comparison of the number of keypoints matched for each scale we tested. Highest number of matches, not surprisingly, for 1:1 scale, but in general number of matches is not(More)
This paper describes a four-week project in active shape and appearance modeling, including experiments in shape and appearance modeling and a brief look at the fundamental theory. Shape modeling derives a statistical shape model from a set of example objects annotated with landmark points to generate new, similar object shapes. Shape modeling can be(More)
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