Vedrana Andersen Dahl

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We propose a new intrinsic representation of geometric texture over triangle meshes. Our approach extends the conventional height field texture representation by incorporating displacements in the tangential plane in the form of a normal tilt. This texture representation offers a good practical compromise between functionality and simplicity: it can(More)
Image analysis has many applications and segmentation is the mainstay of many of these. One example can be seen in figure 1, where a mouse has been injected with a nanoparticle gel and CT-scanned. The nanoparticles are being researched for their use in cancer treatment. The gel is the bright oblong sphere-like structure on the left marked by the white(More)
We propose a method for retrieving a piecewise smooth surface from noisy data. In data acquired by a scanning process sampled points are almost never on the discontinuities making reconstruction of surfaces with sharp features difficult. Our method is based on a Markov Random Field (MRF) formulation of a surface prior, with the surface represented as a(More)
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