Vedran Uglešić

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The purpose of this study was to analyse the demographics, causes and characteristics of maxillofacial fractures managed at several European departments of oral and maxillofacial surgery over one year. The following data were recorded: gender, age, aetiology, site of facial fractures, facial injury severity score, timing of intervention, length of hospital(More)
BACKGROUND Midface reconstruction is one of the most challenging tasks for the reconstructive surgeon. We present a technique for the reconstruction of the midface after total maxillectomy with preservation of orbital contents. METHODS Skeletal reconstruction is achieved with a preoperatively bent titanium sheet mesh on a universal skeletal model. The(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study is to present and discuss the results of a European multicentre prospective study about pediatric maxillofacial trauma epidemiology during a year. STUDY DESIGN The following data were recorded: gender, age, etiology, site of fracture, date of injury. Of the 3396 patients with maxillofacial fractures admitted within the(More)
The authors present their experience of 27 cases with repairs of defects following radical maxillectomies with free flaps. A total of 28 flaps were used (five latissimus dorsi, six scapula, 16 combination flaps of scapula and latissimus dorsi and one combination of scapula, latissimus dorsi and serratus anterior flap). Only one scapula flap was completely(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate and discuss the free flap reconstructive options for patients with partial and total maxillectomy defects. DESIGN Retrospective review of cases. SETTING Two tertiary referral centers. PATIENTS Fifty-one patients had partial or total maxillectomy defects resulting from oncologic surgical resection, and 7 had partial maxillectomy(More)
AIM The aim of this study was to evaluate almost 20 years of using the pectoralis major flap in head and neck reconstruction at the Department of Maxillofacial Surgery, Zagreb. PATIENTS In the period from 1981 to 1999, a total of 506 pectoralis major flaps were used for head and neck reconstruction in 500 patients. In all cases the flap was used after(More)
Madelung syndrome is a rare disease found predominantly in the Mediterranean area. It has a distinctive clinical appearance. Staged surgery is the treatment of choice, which produces substantial improvement in both functional and aesthetic appearance. Recurrences usually occur when it is impossible to resect the disease completely.
BACKGROUND In order to find whether the changes in primary tumor definition influence the distribution of T (tumor extent) stages and prognoses, a retrospective study was undertaken. PATIENTS AND METHODS There were 1,040 patients with adequate data for staging and 868 of those patients underwent surgical treatment. Among the surgically treated patients,(More)
The sensitivity of teeth anterior to a fracture between the mental and mandibular foramina has been tested and followed up until reinnervation or 3 years has passed. This study assessed the reinnervation period, the number of denervated teeth, and their clinical importance. Fifty patients and 459 teeth were examined. Two hundred and seventy-three teeth were(More)