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An application generator has resulted from the authors' efforts to improve the development of interactive database applications. The developed tool is based on a meta-base. The meta-base comprises an extended data model, the programming language description and some additional information to support the generation process. The procedures described in a(More)
A web-based information system for management of scientific electronic journals is presented in the paper. Journal management requires exchange of information between many participants in the publishing process, including authors, reviewers, editors, and lectors. Each participant in the process plays a different role, and cooperates with other participants.(More)
While using the Web-based hypermedia courseware the students need navigational help to find their way through the learning material. Otherwise, they could get " lost in hyperspace ". In this paper we describe our approach developing Web-based adaptive educational hypermedia systems (AEHS) with the emphasis on adaptive navigation support. Our goal is to(More)