Vedat Köseoğlu

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The histiocytoses are a heterogeneous group of disorders characterised by an excessive number of histiocytes. In most cases the pathophysiology is unclear and treatment is nonspecific. Faisalabad histiocytosis (FHC) (MIM 602782) has been classed as an autosomal recessively inherited form of histiocytosis with similarities to Rosai-Dorfman disease (RDD)(More)
BACKGROUND Varicella infection can be a severe disease, especially in immunosuppressed patients. Here, experience with live varicella vaccine to prevent varicella infection is reported in children who were undergoing treatment for lymphoma and solid tumours. METHODS 40 children, aged between 12 months and 15 years with no clinical history of varicella,(More)
This study was performed to investigate the platelet aggregation alterations in whole blood samples of infants with iron deficiency anemia. Platelet aggregation induced by various concentrations of adenosine diphosphate (ADP) and collagen was studied with impedance aggregometry in 25 patients before and after oral iron therapy and in 12 children of the(More)
Doxorubicin has been used in the the treatment of malignant tumors in children. Its use is limited by cardiotoxic effects beyond a cumulative dose of 450 mg/m2. To detect cardiotoxicity at an early stage and identify patients at risk for development of cardiotoxicity are matters of concern. Recently, cardiac troponin I (cTnI) has been reported to be useful(More)
Primary ovarian malignant lymphomas are rarely encountered in children. We present herein the unusual case of an 11-month-old female infant with primary bilateral non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma of the ovaries who was treated by bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy followed by chemotherapy. The clinicopathological features of this rare entity are discussed, focusing(More)
In familial germ cell tumour cases, a normal chromosomal karyotype pattern is rare. We report the findings of germ cell tumours in two siblings with a normal chromosomal karyotype. One of these patients had dysgerminoma in the right ovary and was treated successfully for this. At present, she is 23 years old and has two daughters. The other patient is a(More)
This study was performed to investigate the normalization period of the transient platelet dysfunction of newborns. A total of 43 healthy newborns of healthy mothers who had received no medication for at least 14 days prior to delivery were included in the study. Venous blood samples of 44 healthy volunteer adults were used as control. Platelet aggregation(More)