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We appreciate the comments by Gorokhovski (2012) and Neville (2012) about the papers by Batu (2010) since it gives us an opportunity to highlight some pervasive misconceptions about the use and misuse of firstand third-type boundary conditions in contaminant transport and degradation studies. As several of the issues raised by Gorokhovski (2012) and Neville(More)
Introduction Oil baildown tests are routinely conducted in practice for determining oil conductivity in aquifers. The commonly used approach, in practice, is to adapt the existing slug test data analysis methods even though there are more sophisticated approaches based on numerical models (e.g., Zhu et al. 1993). Unfortunately, there are some controversial(More)
In this paper, the comparison process of Batu (2012) generalized three-dimensional well hydraulics solution for confined aquifers in Cartesian coordinates with MODFLOW is presented. First, a brief description of Batu (2012) solution along with the governing equations and some of its key features are described. The final average drawdown expression in an(More)
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