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A n evidence-based approach to surgery incorporates patients' circumstances or predicaments, identifies knowledge gaps and frames questions to fill those gaps, conducts efficient literature searches, critically appraises the research evidence and applies that evidence to patient care. The practice of evidence-based medicine , therefore, is a process of(More)
BACKGROUND This systematic review with meta-analysis was designed to evaluate the literature and to develop recommendations regarding the use of preoperative radiotherapy in the management of patients with resectable rectal cancer. METHODS The MEDLINE, CANCERLIT and Cochrane Library databases, and abstracts published in the annual proceedings of the(More)
elman has defined the current period in North American health care as the " era of assessment and accountability " (EAA). 1 In this era there is a close examination of the actions of health care institutions during the course of patient treatments and the actual patient outcomes that result. In the past, most attention centred on medical efficacy or the(More)
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