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The exact computation of the number of distinct elements (frequency moment F0) is a fundamental problem in the study of data streaming algorithms. We denote the length of the stream by n where each symbol is drawn from a universe of size m. While it is well known that the moments F0, F1, F2 can be approximated by efficient streaming algorithms [1], it is(More)
Generally the mobile nodes are battery operated which make energy a scarce resource in MANETs. Efficient utilization of the energy is one of the most crucial issues in MANETs. Energy needs to be optimally utilized so that the nodes can perform their functionality satisfactorily. A node in MANET is a router as well, it could be difficult for a mobile node to(More)
Online learning is becoming more popular because of its advantages such as location independent and time independent learning. Hence it is very much essential to design online learning contents to suit the needs of the user and type of user. This paper presents a dynamic concept map based content presentation for online asynchronous learning systems.(More)
This paper presents a working model for Gesture controlled user interface which is then extended to being used in a wheelchair. A wheelchair is made to operate on the basis of signals that are generated using the hand gestures. A 3-axis accelerometer is used to detect the change in the direction of the hand gesture. The use of XBee technology helps the(More)
In this paper, the author has proposed a new multi-stage interconnection network named as advance irregular alpha multi-stage interconnection network-2 (AIAMIN-2). The AIAMIN-2 is a single switch fault tolerant network. It is compared with modified alpha network (MALN) and irregular modified augmented baseline network (IMABN). Results show that AIAMIN-2(More)
Honeypot is a supplemented active defence system for network security. It traps attacks, records intrusion information about tools and activities of the hacking process, and prevents attacks outbound the compromised system. Integrated with other security solutions, honeypot can solve many traditional dilemmas. It has emerged as a prominent technology that(More)
Handwritten character recognition is always an interesting area of pattern recognition for research in the field of image processing. Many researchers have presented their work in this area and still research is undergoing to achieve high accuracy. This paper is mainly concerned for the people who are working on the character recognition and review of work(More)
Everyone knows the services of the Internet. Internet services contain large scale of data. Security is one of the important issues during transmission of data over the network. To avoid misuse of data an efficient Network Intrusion Detection Systems (NIDS) is needed. To predict intrusion over the network a combined features of Dendritic Cell Algorithm(More)
Author considered a wireless sensor network (WSN) with identically distributed nodes, and a two phase cooperative protocol where the source transmits and is overheard by multiple relays which in turn transmit to the destination or fusion center (FC). The Author introduces a selection scheme that will pick a subset of the relays that overhear the message and(More)