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Twenty patients with intertrochanteric fractures of the femur were treated by external fixation. They were selected because of their surgical risk and evaluated clinically and radiographically after 6,12 and 18 weeks. Fourteen out of twenty patients had excellent results. Caxa vara deformity, shortening and delayed union was observed in two patients.(More)
BACKGROUND A significant number of soldiers suffer serious injuries or die in the process of demining and a protective device is necessary in such operations. METHODS All the patients involved in demining operations using the foot protection devices in last one year were analysed. RESULTS We received 35 patients, of which only five had limb injuries and(More)
A 43-year-old serving lCO was admitted in BHDC on 5th Oct 96 with complaints of pain in the right hip of 3 months duration. This pain was aggravated on prolonged walking. There was no history of injury or associated fever. General physical examination revealed no abnormality. Local examination revealed deep tenderness over greater trochanter. Movements of(More)
50 cases of isolated meniscal injuries of the knee were evaluated and managed arthroscopically. 56% of the cases were in 25-35 year age group. In 80% of the cases military training and contact sports was the mode of injury. Maximum (42%) patients reported late (> 2 years) after the injury. On presentation, they had an average Lysholm knee score of 53.76.(More)
BACKGROUND India accounts for approximately 10 million orthopaedically handicapped children and adults with limb deformity. Ilizarov ring fixator could treat most of these deformities. METHODS Twenty cases of deformities of lower limb managed with Ilizarov technique during period between March 2001 and February 2003 were studied. RESULTS 55% were in the(More)
Introduction: Displaced supracondylar fractures of humerus are one of the most common fractures in pediatric age group with preferred treatment being close reduction with percutaneous K-wire fi xation. This study compares whether lateral pin construct alone can provide same stability like cross (medial and lateral) pin fi xation, and prevent iatrogenic(More)