Vatsalya Vatsalya

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Growth of older population in United States requires multi-generational evaluation to characterize health measures for sustaining workability. Investigation of measures that working population would need and use with their work-life in an attempt to stay healthy and fit, could potentially reveal significant association that could extend workability and(More)
Growth of older population in United States (US) raises concerns for evaluation of health indices that could sustain their workability. This study aimed to characterize the association of health practices used by older working population and measures of quality and duration of their work. Forty (40) non-treatment seeking healthy working individuals residing(More)
Suicidal attempts have a very significant effect on the society, and they also reflect on the efforts of the supporting health care and counseling facilities; and the mental health professionals involved. The impact of suicide is further magnified by the needs of persons who attempt suicide multiple times, requiring emergency health care and rehabilitation.(More)
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