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— In agriculture research of automatic leaf disease detection is essential research topic as it may prove benefits in monitoring large fields of crops, and thus automatically detect symptoms of disease as soon as they appear on plant leaves. The term disease is usually used only for destruction of live plants. This paper provides various methods used to(More)
Stochastic gradient descent (SGD) is the method of choice for large-scale machine learning problems, by virtue of its light complexity per iteration. However, it lags behind its non-stochastic counterparts with respect to the convergence rate, due to high variance introduced by the stochastic updates. The popular Stochastic Variance-Reduced Gradient (Svrg)(More)
Association rule mining has attracted wide attention in both research and application area recently. Mining multilevel association rules is one of the most important branch of it. This paper introduces an improved apriori algorithm so called FP-growth algorithm that will help resolve two neck-bottle problems of traditional apriori algorithm and has more(More)
Wireless sensor network has many issues like energy consumption, security, etc. Wireless sensor network is broadly used in different field like battlefield , education and organization etc. This paper identify that, in order to further development of WSN application in real world, minimizing energy waste is one of the most life-threatening problem.(More)
— We are observing that load is continuously increasing in present scenario in distributed operating system. That's why we need to balance the load in distributed operating system. There are several techniques to balance the load. But in this paper we have used process migration technique to balance the load. This paper includes comparison between some load(More)
Network traffic anomaly detection is now considered a surer approach to early detection of malware than signature-based approaches and is best accomplished with traffic data collected from multiple locations. Existing open-source tools are primarily signature-based, or do not facilitate integration of traffic data from multiple locations for real-time(More)
Performance of the TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) has been promising in wired networks. In wired network the packet loss is due to congestion. But the performance of TCP has degraded in wireless network where packet loss is not only due to congestion but to be also due to high bit error rates and handoffs. In this paper we review four methods to(More)
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