Vasundara Yayathi Shivashankar

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Periapical inflammatory lesion is the local response of bone around the apex of tooth that develops after the necrosis of the pulp tissue or extensive periodontal disease. The final outcome of the nature of wound healing after endodontic surgery can be repair or regeneration depending on the nature of the wound; the availability of progenitor cells;(More)
Regeneration of pulp-dentin complex in an infected necrotic tooth with an open apex is possible if the canal is effectively disinfected. The purpose of this case report is to add a regenerative endodontic case to the existing literature about using Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF). A nine year old boy who accidently broke his immature maxillary central incisor(More)
AIM Photoactivated disinfection has been used as an adjunct to conventional endodontic treatment. Its use in regenerative endodontics is not reported in literature. The aim of this case report was to describe a new proposal for pulp revascularization with disinfection of pulp canal space using a unique combination of a photosensitizer solution and low-power(More)
Invasive cervical resorption (ICR) is a localized resorptive process that commences on the surface of the root below the epithelial attachment and the coronal aspect of the supporting alveolar process, namely the zone of the connective tissue attachment' early diagnosis, elimination of the resorption and restorative management are the keys to a successful(More)
In adult periodontal patients, pathologic tooth migration can create serious functional and aesthetic problems. In such situations, a combined orthodontic and periodontal treatment is often indicated. However, the lengthy treatment time and the demanding nature of orthodontic therapy for such periodontally compromised teeth is often a challenge. In this(More)
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