Vasumathi Sundaram

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The scalability and computing power of large-scale computational platforms has made them attractive for hosting compute-intensive time-critical applications. Many of these applications are composed of computational tasks that require specific deadlines to be met for successful completion. In this paper, we show that combining redundant scheduling with(More)
Data mining techniques have led over various methods to gain knowledge from vast amount of data. So different research tools and techniques like classification algorithm, decision tree, association rules etc are available for bulk amount of data. Association rules are mainly used in mining transaction data to find interesting relationship between attribute(More)
Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) are naturally fault-prone owing to the common wireless communication medium, severe developed environments and resources limitation. In data gathering, node and network failures are common in WSNs. It is also essential for the WSN to be able to detect faults early and establish revival actions in order to avoid ruin of(More)
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