Vasudha Shukla

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The circulatory levels of two appetite regulatory hormones i.e. leptin and ghrelin were estimated in sojourners and acclimatized subjects to investigate their possible role in high altitude (HA) induced anorexia. A group of 30 lowlanders who had never visited HA were inducted to a height of 3600 m by air and after 48 h they were further taken to an altitude(More)
The refining of silver from old silver ornaments, articles and jeweller's waste by smelting these with lead scraps for the fabrication of new jewellery is an important small scale industry in India. The present survey and clinical investigations have shown that 31 out of 50 silver refiners with a mean blood lead level of 32.84+/-1.78 microg/dl (range(More)
Aqueous and alcoholic extracts of amalki (Emblica officinalis), spirulina and wheatgrass were prepared and analyzed for antioxidant vitamin content (vitamin C and E), total phenolic compounds. Antioxidant status, reducing power and effect on glutathione S-transferase (GST) activity were evaluated in vitro. Vitamin C content of crude amalaki powder was found(More)
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