Vasu Mani Kumar

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BACKGROUND The role of routine chest radiography (CXR) after percutaneous dilatational tracheostomy (PDT) has been questioned. METHODS We performed a prospective observational study, on a mixed medical/surgical critical care unit in a university teaching hospital. We studied all patients undergoing PDT as part of their critical care management from(More)
For a large class of irregular grid applications, the computational structure of the problem changes in an incremental fashion from one phase of the computation to another. Eventually, as the graph evolves, it becomes necessary to correct the partition in accordance with the structural changes in the computation. Two diierent types of schemes to accomplish(More)
Table 3. Cut comparisons of GMetis with PROP, Paraboli, and GFM allowing 10 deviation from bisection. Exact bisection results for GMetis are given in parentheses. and 55 of the total number of modules. Table 4 quotes the CPU times in seconds for PROP, P araboli, and GFM on a Sun Sparc 5, a DEC 3000 Model 500 AXP, and a Sun Sparc 10 respectively. W e modiied(More)
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