Vassilly Voinov

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In the compara t i ve ly few invest igat ions of the toxicology of organotin compounds the neurot ropic c h a r a c t e r of the i r act ion has been r epo r t ed [2, 5, 6]. However , the genera l question of the c h a r a c t e r and mechan i sms of functional and s t ruc tu r a l d is turbances of the nervous s y s t e m ar i s ing during poisoning by(More)
Although radiotherapy is known to improve the results of treatment for pancreatic carcinoma, its application is limited due to such side effects and complications as anemia, leuko-, thrombocytopenia and dyspeptic disorders. It was suggested that since these complications are primarily caused by radiotherapy itself and mass death of tumor cells,(More)
Experiments on anesthetized rats were made to study the effects of naloxone, bradykinin and thyroliberin on respiration. Naloxone, bradykinin and thyroliberin were found to eliminate respiratory depression induced by morphine and an enkephalin analog. Bradykinin primarily increased the amplitude, while thyroliberin the rate of respiration. Naloxone(More)