Vassilis Triantis

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Dendritic cells (DCs) are the professional APCs of the immune system that dictate the type and course of an immune response. Molecular understanding of DC biology is important for the design of DC-based immunotherapies and optimal clinical applications in vaccination settings. Previously, we isolated and characterized the cDNA-encoding dendritic(More)
UNLABELLED De novo bile acid synthesis in the liver needs to be tightly regulated in order to maintain optimal bile flow and prevent cholestasis. In the liver, fibroblast growth factor 19 (FGF19) regulates bile acid synthesis by down-regulating messenger RNA levels of cytochrome P450 7A1 (CYP7A1). FGF19 acts through fibroblast growth factor receptor 4(More)
Background: Oligosaccharides in milk act as soluble decoy receptors and prevent pathogen adhesion to the infant gut. Milk oligosaccharides reduce infectivity of a porcine rotavirus strain; however, the effects on human rotaviruses are less well understood.Objective: In this study, we determined the effect of specific and abundant milk oligosaccharides on(More)
Dendritic cells (DC) compose a heterogeneous population of cells that hold a leading role in initiating and directing immune responses. Although their function in recognizing, capturing, and presenting Ags is well defined, the molecular mechanisms that control their differentiation and immune functions are still largely unknown. In this study, we report the(More)
UNLABELLED Recent reports indicate that glycosphingolipids play an important role in regulation of carbohydrate metabolism. We have shown that the iminosugar N-(5'-adamantane-1'-yl-methoxy)-pentyl-1-deoxynojirimycin (AMP-DNM), an inhibitor of the enzyme glucosylceramide synthase, is a potent enhancer of insulin signaling in rodent models for insulin(More)
Dendritic cell-specific transcript (DC-SCRIPT) is a putative DC zinc (Zn) finger-type transcription factor described recently in humans. Here, we illustrate that DC-SCRIPT is highly conserved in evolution and report the initial characterization of the murine ortholog of DC-SCRIPT, which is also preferentially expressed in DC as shown by real-time(More)
Recently, we described the molecular identification of dendritic cell-specific TrAnsMembrane protein (DC-STAMP), a multimembrane-spanning protein preferentially expressed by human DC (hDC). In this report, we describe the identification and expression profile of the murine homologue of DC-STAMP (mDC-STAMP) as well as the characterization of the DC-STAMP(More)
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