Vassilis Karathanasis

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Although plentiful data are available regarding mental states involving the dominant-right arm, the evidence for the nondominant-left arm is sparse. Here, we investigated whether right-handers can generate accurate predictions with either the right or the left arm. Fifteen adults carried out actual and mental arm movements in two directions with varying(More)
Submitted to journal of Neurophysiology 1 2 3 Dominant versus nondominant arm advantage in mentally simulated actions in 4 right handers 5 6 Philippe Gandrey  Christos Paizis  Vassilis Karathanasis  Nicolas Gueugneau  7 Charalambos Papaxanthis 8 9 1. Université de Bourgogne, UFR STAPS, Campus Universitaire, Dijon, France. 10 2. INSERM U1093, Cognition,(More)
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