Vassilis Agouridas

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Affective engineering case studies are reported that demonstrate the selection of shape, colour and surface texture to satisfy people's preference ratings for products. It is proposed that these studies provide a basis for engineering product appeal. Products of a technically mature market sector could be engineered to encourage their long-lasting or(More)
This study focuses on value creation and capture in innovation ecosystems. It presents and discusses the findings from a qualitative, comparative case study on two European-led innovation ecosystems from the ICT and aerospace and defence sectors. The purpose of the research is to explore the tangible and intangible mechanisms related to how leading firms(More)
The significant role of reflection in sustaining the quality of learning and teaching (L&T) activities at high levels has been widely acknowledged in literature. Reflection has been identified as a key factor underpinning both successful learning by students and successful continuing professional development by their teaching staff in higher education. This(More)
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