Vassilios Smirniotis

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We present a 57-year-old man with Zollinger-Ellison syndrome who had undergone total gastrectomy 12 years previously. At that time, a cystic mass in the left lobe of the liver was palpated but was not removed. The patient currently had high serum gastrin levels. Abdominal ultrasound, CT and MR images showed a well defined liver mass with solid and cystic(More)
The relative risk of thrombophlebitis induced by either Long-chain Triglycerides (LCTs) or Medium-chain Triglycerides (MCTs) during peripheral i.v. nutrition (PIN) was evaluated. A total of 76 patients were randomly assigned into group A (n=40) and group B (n=36). The nutritional requirements in both groups were covered by a standardized regime of(More)
A case of aggressive angiomyxoma in a 38-year-old pregnant woman is described. These clinicopathologically distinctive soft tissue tumors comprise a quite rare entity. They are usually located in the pelvic or perineal soft parts and occur predominantly in women. On gross inspection, these lesions are typically soft bulky masses, frequently with a(More)
BACKGROUND The prophylactic administration of antimicrobial agents to surgical patients has become standard practice to minimize the risk for postsurgical infection. During surgery, factors such as renal clearance, fluid administration, and blood loss contribute to drug concentrations achieved in the blood and tissues. The aminoglycoside gentamicin was(More)
Changes in the serum of CPK-BB isoenzyme were investigated in dogs with intestinal ischemia in order to determine their use as an enzymatic diagnostic test for bowel infarction. The study consisted of 12 mongrel dogs. Group I (n = 6) was assigned as a control and was subjected to lumen obstruction of a jejunal segment 50-60 cm in length. Group II (n = 6)(More)
Thirty-eight patients, 18 males and 20 females (mean age 61 years) have been operated on for perforated diverticulitis, over the past 14 years. We assigned the patients into stage A (n = 12) when the inflammation was confined to the mesosigmoid folds, stage B (n = 16) when an intraabdominal abscess was walled off and stage C (n = 10) when a generalized(More)
Objective: To compare pulmonary haemodynamic and gas exchange alterations in septic patients with ARDS receiving long-chain triglycerides (LCT) versus medium-chain triglycerides (MCT). Design: Prospective, randomised, clinical study. Setting: Surgical ICU patients in a University Hospital. Patients: Twenty-one septic patients with ARDS were randomly(More)
A prospective study of two types of total parenteral nutrition (TPN) was carried out in 34 patients suffering from sepsis and complicated liver dysfunction. Group 1 (18 patients) received non-protein energy as glucose plus fat emulsion in a caloric ratio of 19:1, while group 2 (16 patients) received the same energy intake but with a ratio of 1:1. Group 1(More)
Truncal vagotomy and drainage is still the commonest operation for duodenal ulcer in the United Kingdom, despite its known association with diarrhoea. The frequency and severity of diarrhoea were compared in 102 randomly selected men 10 or more years after truncal vagotomy and pyloroplasty (TVP) and a control group of 62 men taking long-term maintenance(More)
A retrospective study was conducted to evaluate the use of the EEA circular stapler in the construction of oesophagogastric anastomoses. Eighty five consecutive patients were subjected to oesophageal resections. There were 58 males and 27 females. The age ranged between 38 and 77 (mean 62) years and between 49 and 84 (mean 69) years respectively. In the(More)
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