Vassilios Lekakis

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Sall1 is a multi-zinc finger transcription factor that regulates kidney organogenesis. It is considered to be a transcriptional repressor, preferentially localized on heterochromatin. Mutations or deletions of the human SALL1 gene are associated with the Townes-Brocks syndrome. Despite its high expression, no function was yet assigned for Sall1 in embryonic(More)
This paper describes the design, implementation, and performance of Neo, a wide-area file system whose security architecture is based on the chit. Chits are instantiations of capabilities that capitalize on the strengths of traditional capabilities (flexible granularity, rights tied to naming, non-traditional identities) while mitigating the drawbacks(More)
A “home” sharing environment consists of the data sharing relationships between family members, friends, and acquaintances. We argue that this environment, far from being simple, has sharing and trust relationships as complex as any general-purpose network. Such environments need strong access control and privacy guarantees. We show that avoiding(More)
We introduce Accountable Storage (AS), a framework allowing a client with small local space to outsource n file blocks to an untrusted server and be able (at any point in time after outsourcing) to provably compute how many bits have been discarded by the server. Such protocols offer “provable storage insurance” to a client: In case of a data loss, the(More)
This paper describes the design and evaluation of Spore, a secure cloud-based file system that minimizes trust and functionality assumptions on underlying servers. Spore differs from other systems in that system relationships are formalized only through signed data objects, rather than in complicated protocols executed between clients and servers. This(More)
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