Vassilios Karayannis

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BACKGROUND Ghrelin is a novel peptide associated with energy balance, obesity, and perhaps gonadal function. The present study was designed in order: (i) to compare plasma ghrelin levels between women with PCOS, women who presented only with hyperandrogenaemia and healthy controls; and (ii) to investigate the relationship between circulating ghrelin and the(More)
The decolorization kinetics of three commercially used Procion H-exl dyes was studied using a Fenton-like reagent. The effect of the major system parameters (pH, concentration of H(2)O(2) and Fe(3+) and initial dye concentration) on the kinetics was determined. For comparison, the effect of the use of UV irradiated Fenton-like reagent and of Fenton reagent(More)
Limited amounts of industrial residues are recycled while the remaining huge quantities are stockpiled or disposed of, thus frequently leading to soil contamination. The utilization of industrial residues as valuable secondary resources into ceramics can contribute to efficient waste management and substitution for massive amounts of natural resources(More)
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