Vassilios C. Moussas

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In this paper an adaptive technique is presented for processing the output of a sensor array, which simultaneously estimates the number of sources and their directions of arrival. The method is based on the reformulation of the problem in the time domain, and the use of the adaptive Multi-Model Partitioning Algorithm (MMPA). The adaptive algorithm(More)
Today's network designers are expected to plan for future expansion and to estimate the network's future utilization. Several simulators can be used for 'what-if' scenarios but they all require as input some estimates of the future network use. A method for estimating the future utilization of a network is presented in this work. Network utilization is(More)
Wind speed prediction is considered as the most crucial task in the implementation of an alternative but at the same time reliable and autonomous electric power source. Accurate wind speed forecasting methods are a significant tool in overcoming a variety of economic and technical problems connected to wind power production. This paper addresses the problem(More)
—This paper presents an adaptive approach to the problem of estimating the direction of arrival angles of narrow-band signals emitted from multiple sources. We reformulate the problem in state-space, and employ a multi-model partitioning algorithm, combined with extended Kalman filters, for combined identification of the number of sources and estimation of(More)
Multimodel partition theory, introduced by Lainiotis [1]–[3] summarizes the parametric model uncertainty into an unknown, finite dimensional parameter vector whose values are assumed to lie within a known set of finite cardinality. It is not restricted to the Gaussian case and it is also applicable to on line/adaptive operation. By applying this method a(More)
The adoption beam formation of smart antenna techniques is increase the interference moderation future of wireless systems. It is estimated to have a significant impact on the efficient use of the spectrum, the minimization of the cost of build new wireless networks the optimization of service quality and realization of diaphanous operation across multi(More)
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