Vassiliki Kouloumenta

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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Recent studies on blood vessels have provided evidence that testosterone may exert direct effects on smooth muscle. However, an acute effect on airway reactivity has not been shown yet. The aim of this study was to assess the direct effect of testosterone on the responsiveness of male adult rabbit airway smooth muscle (ASM),(More)
In this thesis, the unsupervised creation of language-agnostic Distributional Semantic Models (DSMs) using web harvested data is investigated for the problem of semantic similarity estimation. Semantic similarity can be regarded as the building block for numerous tasks of Natural Language Processing, e.g., affective text analysis and paraphrasing. The first(More)
ing ventilator management, were similar during the preimplementation and postimplementation phases of our study. We disagree with Dr. Joffe’s comment about sample size. By definition, our study had sufficient power to demonstrate a statistically significant reduction in the risk of death in patients who were fed enterally. At Dr. Joffe’s request, we are(More)
occur, in our experience, not infrequently will improve the comprehensive content of spirometry training courses, and will allow these problems to be detected and corrected before they are reported as pulmonary function results. We also hope that manufacturers will advise their clients of the possibility of the errors occurring and of measures that should(More)
TO THE EDITOR: Recently, Massaro and Massaro (4) demonstrated a sexual dimorphism of alveolar size in male and female adult rats and mice and that estrogen receptor (ER)and ERare required for this sexual dimorphism. Our group recently showed that a similar phenomenon of sexual dimorphism presents in airway responsiveness to sex hormones in rabbits. We(More)
In this pilot study, we investigate the differences in the electroencephalography (EEG) signal patterns of children and adults while interacting with a multimodal dialogue computer game. The gaming application is designed for preschoolers, implements five popular learning tasks and has variable levels of difficulty. In this pilot, to simplify the data(More)
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