Vassileios Karakostas

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This paper discusses the prototype system IRENE which employs concept acquisition techniques in order to retrieve business knowledge from COBOL programs. In contrast with the mainstream of reverse-engineering techniques, IRENE relies on the availability of semantic (rather than syntactic knowledge), expressed as dependencies and derivations amongst the(More)
Requirements specification has only recently been acknowledged as one of the most important phases in the overall software life cycle. Since the statement of a complete and consistent set of requirements involves user participation, our approach investigates how user oriented formalisms and techniques could be employed for the specification and capturing of(More)
This paper argues that a combined use of languages is needed for object-oriented software construction, since no single language can be ideal for all the phases of prototyping, design and implementation. The approach discussed in this paper is based on the combined use of two object-oriented languages. The first of them (<i>Amore</i>), a hybrid object and(More)
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