Vasily V. Klimov

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P A P ER Abstract The broadband enhancement of single–photon emission from nitrogen-vacancy centers in nanodiamonds coupled to a planar multilayer metamaterial with hyperbolic dispersion is studied experimentally. The metamaterial is fabricated as an epitaxial metal/dielectric superlattice consisting of CMOS-compatible ceramics: titanium nitride (TiN) and(More)
We present a physical model that explains several sequential stages of the conversion of optical to acoustical energy when irradiating diluted suspensions of metal nanoparticles with laser pulses. Optical absorption and scattering of a single particle driven by plasmon resonance interactions in an aqueous medium are considered. Thermal effects produced by(More)
We propose to use double negative (DNG) metamaterial slabs to build effective super-absorbers and perfect nanodetectors for single divergent sources. We demonstrate by numerical simulations that an absorbing nanoparticle properly placed inside a DNG slab back-covered with a perfect electric conductor or perfect magnetic conductor mirror can absorb up to(More)
Based on both analytical dipole model analyses and numerical simulations, we propose a concept of coherent perfect nanoabsorbers (CPNAs) for divergent beams. This concept makes use of the properties of a slab with negative refraction and small losses. The proposed CPNA device would allow focusing radiation in nanoscale regions, and hence could be applied in(More)
Two-dimensional lattices of chiral nanoholes in a plasmonic film with lattice constants being slightly larger than light wavelength are proposed for effective control of polarization and spatial properties of light beams. Effective polarization conversion and strong circular dichroism in non-zero diffraction orders in these chiral metafilms are demonstrated(More)
We show that a photon detector, sensitive to the magnetic field or to the gradient of electric field, can help to characterize the quantum properties of spatially-dependent optical fields. We discuss the excitation of an atom through magnetic dipole or electric quadrupole transitions with the photons of a Bessel beam or a Laguerre-Gauss (LG) beams. These(More)
We have obtained analytical expressions for the radiative decay rate of the spontaneous emission of a chiral molecule located near a dielectric spherical particle with a chiral nonconcentric spherical shell made of a bi-isotropic material. Our numerical and graphical analyses show that material composition, thickness and degree of non-concentricity of the(More)
Abstract Quadrupole radiation of an atom in an arbitrary environment is investigated within classical as well as quantum electrodynamical approaches. Analytical expressions for decay rates are obtained in terms of Green’s function of Maxwell equations. The equivalence of both approaches is shown. General expressions are applied to analyze the quadrupole(More)
The plasmon oscillations in a cluster of two metallic nanospheres are studied theoretically. Particular attention is paid to the case of nearly touching spheres. Simple analytical expressions have been found for the spectra of plasmon oscillations of different symmetry in this case. A new type of the plasmon oscillations, which are strongly localized(More)