Vasily V Goncharov

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We demonstrate a dual-beam, balanced detector approach, compatible with commercial Fourier transform infrared spectrometers that provide a single modulated output. Implemented with a near-IR mode-locked fiber laser source and an external broadband polarizing beamsplitter, the dual-beam method provides relative intensity noise reduction and real-time(More)
Architectonics and parameters of interlobular bronchioles (ILBs) were examined in corrosion and histological preparations of the right lung in 13 male residents of Novosibirsk died from accidents. It was demonstrated that ILBs were present in all pulmonary segments and subsegments and were carrying the air from subsegmental bronchi to lobular bronchioles.(More)
Hemosorption on thromboresistant ion-exchange resins synthetized at D. I. Mendeleev Moscow Chemical Technological Institute (MCTI) was used in combined therapy of hepatic failure. Use was made of anion-exchange resin A-I-II MCTI, catonit C-I-II MCTI, polyampholit. Stability of hemodynamic parameters, absence of blood element disturbances, effective sampling(More)
We demonstrate a method of combining a supercontinuum light source with a commercial Fourier transform spectrometer, using a novel approach to dual-beam balanced detection, implemented with phase-sensitive detection on a single light detector. A 40 dB reduction in the relative intensity noise is achieved for broadband light, analogous to conventional(More)
The parameters of intragroup and intergroup genetic similarity coefficients, genetic distances, and DNA marker fragments of reindeer of the wild type and Nentsi and Evenk breeds inhabiting various regions of Krasnoyarsk krai are obtained by the DNA fingerprinting method. Noticeable divergence of reindeer of the wild type and Evenk breed is found.
Structure and number of human lung lobules were investigated in corrosion preparations and by the method of 3-dimensional reconstruction using serial sections. It was established that the bronchial tree branches inside the lobules 4 to 6 times forming 3 to 5 orders of intralobular bronchioles and 1 order of terminal bronchioles. Structure of lobules in all(More)