Vasily Mikhalev

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To be resistant against certain time-memory-data-tradeoff (TMDTO) attacks, a common rule of thumb says that the internal state size of a stream cipher should be at least twice the security parameter. As memory gates are usually the most area and power consuming components, this implies a sever limitation with respect to possible lightweight implementations.(More)
Strong magnetic fields, synchrotron emission, and Compton scattering are omnipresent in compact celestial X-ray sources. Emissions in the X-ray energy band are consequently expected to be linearly polarized. X-ray polarimetry provides a unique diagnostic to study the location and fundamental mechanisms behind emission processes. The polarization of(More)
Comparative evaluation of the frequency of incidence of all forms of primary malignant tumors in the child population over the fourteen-year period (1995-2008.) is presented. Evaluation was carried out in ecologically unfavorable territories of the Bryansk region with varying density of radioactive (from 28.1 to 661.9 kBq/m2 for 137Cs), toxic (from 1.47 to(More)
The use of the buccal mucosa cell micronucleus test for comparison of chemical, radiation, and radiation-chemical environmental pollution has been considered. The combined impact of chemical and radiation factors has been found to cause additive effects, synergism, and inhibition. It has been noted that the cytogenetic characteristics of the buccal(More)
At CT-RSA 2014, Armknecht and Mikhalev presented a new technique for increasing the throughput of stream ciphers that are based on Feedback Shift Registers (FSRs) which requires practically no additional memory. The authors provided concise sufficient conditions for the applicability of this technique and demonstrated its usefulness on the stream cipher(More)